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Ape Pins

Custom Art

Regular price $999.00 USD
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Commission your own derivative BAYC/MAYC Artwork (Digital + Signed Physical Canvas) by Artist Trashbag Ghost. (MAYC, BAKC & Kodas Only)

Infamous monster, mutant and mask making artist Trashbag Ghost will take your Ape and reinterpret it in a wild monster-style as only he can. Even the most plain looking clean apes will come out looking like they've been hitting the serum.

Special requests encouraged! You'll work with Chris directly and when the piece is complete you'll own a digital file of the art to do whatever you want with, AND Ghost will ship you a signed physical 18"x24" canvas to display!

DM artist @trashbagghost on Twitter the opensea link to the Ape you're getting illustrated once you place your order. You'll be working directly with him! :)