Q: What do I do with 20 Ape Pins?

#1 Keep one for yourself! Pin on your beanie, hoodie, backpack, or jacket!

#2 Give one to your mom or dad so they (kinda) know what you aped in on!

#3 Use these pins as a tool to create connections with other Apes!

#4 Send one to your first IRL Ape friend

#5 Keep a second one for yourself because you can't find where you placed the first one already

#6 Share with your best friend who is trying to understand what an NFT is

#7 Trade pins with your other best friend who also aped in on BAYC

#8Gift one to the first person who told you about BAYC

#9And Gift one to the first person You told about BAYC

#10Send to your friends who supported you with all your NFT and Cryptocurrency talks

#11 Send to your friends who stopped talking to you after talking about cryptocurrencies nonstop

#12 Send to your friends who stopped looking at your IG because all you post is only about NFTs

#13 Give your pin to a random Ape that follows you on Twitter

#14 Trade pins with other Apes you spot in real life

#15 Gift one to your most recent Ape connection to fully build that friendship

#16 Keep a third pin for display at home

#17 You can sell 'em! 

#18 Hand it to a random stranger

#19 Give one to a family member who has shown a little bit of curiosity with NFTs

#20 Keep a fourth pin cuz you just keep misplacing these pins!

#21 Send one to a screenshot-er

#22 Give to another Ape that you would like to be friends with

#23 Give a pin to someone you are thankful for on CT

#24 OOPS! At this point, you actually need to order more Ape Pins!