Q: How many Ape Pins will I receive?
You will be receiving a small mountain of 20, 70 or 120 Ape Pins! Trade pins, make connections and have fun with other Apes IRL!
Click here for 20 ideas. 

Q: What happens once I submit my order?
A: Our little pin shop tucked away in the swamp is humming 24/7 to get these produced so they wind up in your furry little mitts as fast as possible!

Here's a timeline of what happens once you place your order & send your payment to apepins.eth!👇

  • Immediately: 📧🐒Look for an order confirmation email! (Check Spam)
  • 24 hrs:  📋🐒 ApePins will verify that your payment has come through and we'll email you to let you know everything is confirmed!
  • 48 hrs: 🎨🐒You'll receive a virtual proof of how your for your Ape Pins will look for approval!
Most US Apes will have their pile of pins in their paws about 7 weeks from date of order. Delivery time for Apes in other countries can vary, but usually an additional few weeks. Definitely worth the wait!

Q: Will the Ape Pin look exactly the same as the BAYC Ape art?
A: All the traits that make your ape unique will be represented in the pin-that is MOST IMPOPRTANT! The artist who handles the pixel to enamel pin conversion is an ape himself, so he fully appreciates the importance of preserving each distinguishing trait! Some simplification must occur of course (think Hawaiian Shirt or Trippy) but it will be the most perfect and cleanest representation in pin form possible! You'll have a chance to sign off on a virtual proof of how your pin will look once you order too!

Q: How BIG are the Ape Pins?
A: BAYC Ape Pins are 2" (~5cm) The perfect size to wear anywhere, and big enough to clearly represent each distinguishing trait! MAYC Ape Pins are 3" Tall to show off all the INSANE Mutant Traits!

Q: How does shipping work?
A: If you are located in the US, you are in luck! You don't need to pay anything extra to ship anywhere in the United States. International shipping is calculated at checkout.

Q: What is your Refund Policy?
A: These extraordinary Ape Pins are specialty, made to order items so we cannot offer refunds. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your Ape Pins, please get in touch and we will make it right.